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a new website

creating content for myself

It’s been a while since I had a website. Also, I never tried to combine my personal interests on a site that includes my marketing content portfolio.

This will be an interesting experiment.

The site is hosted by SiteGround, a very reasonably priced hosting service that provides all the tools necessary for you and me to create WordPress websites.

This WordPress website was designed using blocks, including Otter Blocks, very cool artsy blocks that satisfy creatives.

content plan

I have a variety of creative interests, and I plan to blog about them and provide illustrations when appropriate. I would like to showcase my art, both traditional and digital. I will soon be using Procreate to create illustrations, and at some point, I’d like to add a store to this website to sell unique t-shirts and art products.

having fun writing content

I am on the lookout for interesting and challenging projects. If you have a project that you feel I’m right for, let me know. With or without a contracted project, I will pursue personal projects and document their progress in this blog. I plan to have fun writing!

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