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    Jester Hat Pattern – Knit, Crochet, or Sew a Jester Hat

    April Fool’s Day is just around the corner. It’s not really a day one thinks to celebrate in any particular way, other than playing a few minor jokes on friends and family. Why not make it more celebratory? There’s a jester hat pattern below ready for you to knit, crochet, or sew for yourself or someone else. Have a little fun, why don’t you? Here is a guide to the FREE patterns: Jingle Jester Baby Hat (knitting) Silly Court Jester/Elf Hat (crochet) – Ravelry link Fleece Jester Hat (sewing) B14-28 Hat (knitting) – Ravelry link Jester Hat (sewing) Jester Hat (crochet) – Ravelry link Need a few harmless practical jokes…

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    Upcycle a Canvas Tote and Tablecloth into a Pillow

    Why don’t you upcycle a canvas tote (or two) into a pillow? If you’re like me, you have a few canvas totes tucked away in a closet or drawer. If you don’t have a tote to upcycle, upcycle a tablecloth that has a pattern you like. I’ve re-purposed a tote and tablecloth for this pillow project. My pillow form was 18×18 inches wide. After cutting the tote, I was left with a 14×14 inches wide image; therefore, I had to widen the sides to match the width of the pillow (plus 1-inch extra for 1/2-inch seams). I followed a great tutorial for adding sides to a square and mitering corners (picture-frame style).…

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    DIY Rice Heat Therapy Bags

    I was inspired by Little Birdie Secrets to sew rice heat therapy bags; however, I made some modifications to the instructions. I made the rice bag out of cotton muslin which does well in the microwave. My rice mixture (brown rice) includes a few drops of lavender essential oil. I found this oil in the soap making section of Michaels. It is likely available at other craft stores. It may also be available at health food stores like Whole Foods. I poured the amount of rice needed for the bag into a bowl and then I added a few drops of oil and stirred it well. Don’t overdo the oil. I made…