Take a look at my completed crochet projects. You may find a pattern that interests you. All patterns are very easy to make, though some require more patience.

I’ve crocheted an assortment of items. You’ll find several for baby blankets as they are my favorite thing to crochet.

If you’re on Ravelry, you can find me there too.

   Triangle Crochet Pattern Starts Center Top BackFree Crochet Doily Pattern
single crochet baby blanket with puffed stitch borderfree crochet baby sweater patterncrochet block stitch baby blanket patterncrocheted shamrock pinCrochet Zigzag Blanket
crocheted scarf with scalloped edge and beadseyelet crochet baby blanketeyelet crochet baby blanketCrochet Granny Square Baby Blanket PatternCrochet Mandala Project
Easy to crochet baby sweater projectautumn crochet shawl projectcrochet flower wash cloths projectcrochet rug projectcrochet project - make t-shirt yarn
crochet bunny projectcrochet cluster stitch baby blanket projectcrochet granny square afghan projectGranny Square Scarf ProjectCrochet Hearts Project
Crochet Project Amigurumi Snow KittenAmigurumi Ghost ProjectCrochet Panda ProjectCrochet Rose ProjectCrochet Cat Toy Project

More Crochet Projects

Additionally, I post a lot of crochet-related content. You may want to examine those posts, and if you’re also a knitter, check out my completed knitting projects.


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