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  1. did the 33 rows for the heel, got the 18sts on needle….you tell me to pick up 14sts on the same needle with the 18sts….why am I not picking up all 32sts??? very confused, all videos show that you pick up all the sts you knit for the heel, have tried this step a lot of times now and cannot figure out your pattern….what am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Let me see if I can help First, I’ll suggest some great tutorials.
      1. ($8.00, but well worth it)
      2. (free and a good tutorial)

      You can pick up 14 or more stitches. Just like in tutorial #2 you pick up the slipped stitches. The instructor is also right about the extra stitch. You definitely want to avoid having a hole.

      I hope this helps. You can contact me again if you need further help. Good luck.

  2. Best Pattern for Easy to Knit Socks…..I finished to 33 rows for the Heel… am picking up 14sts along the side to do the gusset but I am having difficulty understanding why I am only picking up 14sts….watching videos I see they pick up the number of sts according to rows knit….have I done something wrong…..this is my 10th attempt and cannot figure it out by your pattern….pls help!!!!!

  3. Hello,
    I refer to your post of 2013 regarding the pet barrier. I find the idea very brilliant.
    You mentioned that you used curtain hooks to keep the screen in place but I am not able to understand how you did that. Grateful if you could provide more light on how you affixed the barrier to the wall. I am not too keen on drilling holes in the wall. May be you can help me with some suggestions. Thanks.

I welcome your reply!

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