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    Plant a Garden in a Wheelbarrow

    Hey! Plant a garden in a wheelbarrow! If you’re someone who gardens, I bet you have an old wheelbarrow sitting in the shed or garage. Put it to use. It’s so easy to create a garden to grow edible greens. Materials required: Drill and drill bit that makes quarter-sized holes Screen (like the kind you put on windows) big enough to fit along the bottom of the wheelbarrow bowl Rocks (gravel-size / dime-size) Garden soil Seeds for greens (e.g., lettuce, spinach, etc) All materials can be found at your local home improvement store. Instructions: Drill holes (drill from the top) into the deep area of the wheelbarrow bowl. Since most…

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    DIY Bird Feeders – How to Make a Bird Feeder

    With the weather cooling in many parts of the country (I’m still waiting here in Texas, but it will happen eventually.), it’s time to think about our feathered friends. Construct one of these DIY Bird Feeders and make it a little easier for birds to find nutrition. I think all of the examples are elegant. These bird feeders will not only make the birds happy, you’ll enjoy them too. Who doesn’t like watching birds in their garden? I bet you also know someone who would appreciate one of these for their garden. Make one as a Christmas gift. That’s what I’m thinking of doing. I have wine bottles on hand,…

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    Spring Gardening – Make Origami Paper Pots

    I love spring. I take pleasure in seeing my garden mature. I also enjoy watching seeds turn to plants. I’m like a kid; I check my little paper pots everyday to see if a seed has sprouted. If ever there were something to be considered a miracle – it is a beautiful plant born from a seed no bigger than a pin’s head. This year, I started my seeds in origami paper pots. I was inspired by a  very informative video for constructing paper pots for seedlings. The great thing is when the plants have matured enough to endure the elements, I can plant the entire pot. The paper will…