• Knitting

    Easy to Knit Cowl – Bamboo Bloom Handpaints Yarn

    This is an easy to knit cowl project for someone who is learning to knit in the round. Also, the Bamboo Bloom Handpaints bulky yarn is fantastic. It’s soft and full of texture, and there are so many color options! The yarn you see in the image is color 326, lot 1846. I like purple! I was inspired by a pattern on Ravelry, which for the life of me I can’t find now, otherwise, I’d include a link to it. Anyway, the instructions to follow, my pattern, are below the image. Easy to Knit Cowl 1 skein (154 yards) of Bamboo Bloom Handpaints yarn.  Size 10 cable needles.  Cast on…

  • Painting

    Digital Painting – Paint a Video Clip Using Photoshop

    I’ve been experimenting in Photoshop a lot lately, and today I created a digital painting / animated gif from an existing video clip. I brushed in color frame by frame using Photoshop.  It’s easy to do this. If you’re interested, you can find a tutorial on YouTube. Photoshop continues to surprise me. More and more, it is incorporating functionality from other Adobe design applications. The tools you’ll use for this project are similar to those you’ll find in Adobe After Effects. You can create a digital painting with any short video. If you have children and have video clips of them, think about the fun you can have dressing up…

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  • Crochet

    Single Crochet Baby Blanket with Puffed Stitch Border

    The single crochet baby blanket with puffed stitch border is the easiest blanket to crochet, and it’s a perfect project for someone new to crochet who is trying to master keeping rows and edges aligned. Get Started on the Single Crochet Blanket Begin by crocheting a chain of 101. For the first row, single crochet into each chain (end with 100 stitches). At the end of row 1, chain 1, single crochet across the next row. Repeat until the blanket is the desired length. To create more interest, add rows of a contrasting color. Vary the height of the rows. In the blanket pictured below, I added two stripes of…

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