Triangle Crochet Shawl

I’m very pleased with how this triangle crochet shawl turned out. The multiple colors look beautiful, the weight of it is comforting, and it is sized so that it easily covers one’s chest. I also crocheted extra rows because I wanted to ensure that my mother, this was a gift made for her, could wrap herself easily.

triangle crochet shawl started from center back

The yarn used is a mix of two different color blends of Cascade Yarns Cartwheel. The first blend is Color #05 (yellow, orange, light blue, lavender, green), Lot #1701, and the second color blend is Color #14 (red, blue, gold, orange-brown), Lot #1701. In some cases I’d crochet and let the yarn self-stripe, and in other cases, I’d crochet a row and break the yarn at the end of a color.

The yarn is 100% acrylic, but it’s high quality. This is a yarn that washes very well and the colors do not bleed.

The pattern for the triangle crochet shawl is from the book titled Mindful Crochet. The beginning of the pattern starts at the center, top, back. For a few rows, you feel like you’re crocheting in the round. This method makes the back of the shawl look great.

back of triangle crochet shawl

I can’t say enough good things about the book. I want to crochet every pattern in it. There are not any other pattern books for which I’d say the same. The patterns are a mix of wardrobe accessories (scarves, shawls) and household items (coasters, baskets, bunting, tea cozies, etc.). If you’re itching to purchase a crochet pattern book, this book is worth the investment.