Learn to Knit Socks

Learn to knit socks in no time at all and enjoy every minute of learning. I learned a few years ago, but I revisited VeryPink’s pattern recently in order to use up leftover yarn. The socks pictured below were knit with Lion Brand 100% wool. I’ll wear them to bed this winter when I know my feet will be cold.

I followed the instructions provided by VeryPink; instructions that were updated this month to make it even easier for beginners to learn. The tutorial is $8.00 and comes complete with a pattern and step by step video instructions. You won’t regret spending the money.

learn to knit socks

You’ll use a set of size US 5 (3.75mm) double-pointed needles and worsted weight wool yarn to knit the pattern. Beginners will appreciate the larger needles and worsted weight yarn, as starting with sock weight yarn and size US 2 needles can be intimidating.

Wool yarn should always be used for sock knitting. Not only is wool an all-season material, but it also holds its shape wonderfully. You’ll want to handwash your socks after knitting them and then block them on forms. Every wash thereafter can be done using the delicate cycle on your washing machine. After washing via the machine, air-dry the socks flat.

If you have some leftover worsted weight wool in your stash, knit yourself a pair!

Here’s a look back at the first pair I knitted eight years ago.