Single Crochet Baby Blanket with Puffed Stitch Border

The single crochet baby blanket with puffed stitch border is the easiest blanket to crochet, and it’s a perfect project for someone new to crochet who is trying to master keeping rows and edges aligned.

Get Started on the Single Crochet Blanket

Begin by crocheting a chain of 101. For the first row, single crochet into each chain (end with 100 stitches). At the end of row 1, chain 1, single crochet across the next row. Repeat until the blanket is the desired length. To create more interest, add rows of a contrasting color. Vary the height of the rows. In the blanket pictured below, I added two stripes of creamy white. You can see that the depth of each stripe varies.

single crochet baby blanket with puffed stitch border

Puffed Stitch Border

Prior to adding the puffed stitch, I single crocheted around the entire blanket in the contrasting color. Be mindful of the corners, and add an extra stitch in each corner. If you’re not familiar with using the puffed stitch for a border, here’s a very helpful video from Daisy Farm Crafts.

This is a project you can work on while watching TV. Also, don’t think that an entire blanket of single crochet is boring. It’s not, the stitch creates the most wonderful texture.

I created this blanket using yarn leftover from another baby blanket project. The cotton helps the stitch nicely take shape, and the acrylic will make this blanket resilient when it’s thrown in the washer.

Yarn A: Himalaya Spring Light Green (Lot: 783) – Aran weight
Yarn B: Himalaya Spring Cream (Lot: 780) – Aran weight
The yarn is 60% cotton and 40% manufactured fibers – acrylic.