Easy to Knit Cowl – Bamboo Bloom Handpaints Yarn

This is an easy to knit cowl project for someone who is learning to knit in the round. Also, the Bamboo Bloom Handpaints bulky yarn is fantastic. It’s soft and full of texture, and there are so many color options! The yarn you see in the image is color 326, lot 1846. I like purple!

I was inspired by a pattern on Ravelry, which for the life of me I can’t find now, otherwise, I’d include a link to it. Anyway, the instructions to follow, my pattern, are below the image.

easy to knit cowl

Easy to Knit Cowl

1 skein (154 yards) of Bamboo Bloom Handpaints yarn. 

Size 10 cable needles. 

Cast on 110 stitches. Join in the round. Be careful to not twist your stitches.

Knit until the bulky bits of yarn come up – whether on the right needle or the left needle – always purl the bulky bits. It’s the purl stitch that gives the cowl those “puffy clouds” of texture throughout the cowl.

Continue with knitting and purling your cowl until you’ve exhausted your skein. You’ll want to make sure your final row closes out a complete round. You should have a tiny bit of yarn leftover.

If you like knitting with this yarn, check out this pattern for a knitted collar.