Digital Painting – Paint a Video Clip Using Photoshop

I’ve been experimenting in Photoshop a lot lately, and today I created a digital painting / animated gif from an existing video clip. I brushed in color frame by frame using Photoshop.  It’s easy to do this. If you’re interested, you can find a tutorial on YouTube.

digital painting with Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop continues to surprise me. More and more, it is incorporating functionality from other Adobe design applications. The tools you’ll use for this project are similar to those you’ll find in Adobe After Effects.

You can create a digital painting with any short video. If you have children and have video clips of them, think about the fun you can have dressing up the frames with color. I used the pen that came with my laptop to complete the brushwork, but you can use a mouse to do the same, but be sure to have your brush set for maximum smoothness.

You might also try creating an animated gif that would be perfect for sending a birthday wish. Use your Photoshop brush to write text on a frame or two. You can’t easily erase your art unless you create a layer for every frame and place the layers above the corresponding frames. That will be very time-consuming, but it can be done. This project took me less than 30 minutes.