Marvel Comic Crochet Patterns

I searched the internet for Marvel Comic Crochet Patterns, and I’ve selected the most attractive projects found to present here. If you’re a Marvel comic book fan, you may find something here you’d like to crochet for yourself or for a fellow fan. Use the key below the image to locate the patterns.

marvel comic crochet patterns

Marvel Comic Crochet Patterns

  1. Iron Man mask-hat and mitts (a Ravelry pattern).
  2. Black Panther amigurumi (an Etsy pattern).
  3. Black Widow (a Craftsy pattern). Link no longer works. Craftsy is now Blueprint.
  4. Captain America mask (a Ravelry pattern).
  5. Loki scoodie (an Etsy pattern).
  6. Newborn God of Thunder, Thor (a Ravelry pattern).

If you want to crochet a pattern before the next Marvel movie, you can plan accordingly by visiting this page that lists all the upcoming Marvel movies.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Venom. I love Tom Hardy.