Free Crochet Shamrock Patterns

Today, I searched for free crochet shamrock patterns on Pinterest and Ravelry. I learned that there are many sad patterns for shamrocks. There are a lot of four-leaf clovers that turned out nicely, but it’s the shamrock that is the iconic symbol of Irish heritage and culture, and it’s the shamrock I want to crochet.

Below are the two best crochet shamrock patterns I could find.

shamrock crochet patterns

  1. Shamrock Applique is a Ravelry pattern.
  2. Shamrock Crochet Pattern is also a Ravelry pattern.

I crocheted #2 using Lion Brand bonbons yarn and a 3.5mm hook. I backed the completed shamrock with felt and added a pin. You can see the finished product below. I’ve attached it to a blouse.

crochet shamrock pin

I looking forward to wearing the pin on St. Patrick’s Day.