Scrap Yarn Project – Weave a Bird’s Nest

I have discovered a variety of scrap yarn projects to which I can apply all my remnant bits and pieces of yarn. This project is fun and I think the results are beautiful. Additionally, the final product can be shared with Wildlife Rescue Nests. I can’t wait for a little animal to have this beautiful new home.

Here is what you’ll need to make a woven nest:

  • Cardboard pizza circles. I save the cardboard circles from frozen pizzas. They aren’t oily or dirty with pizza stains. Start saving the cardboard circles for circle weaving and other crafts.
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Scrap yarn
  • Tapestry needle
  • Ruler
scrap yarn project weaving
Use the ruler and pencil to draw equal pie segments around the circle. Next, use the scissors to cut equal depth (half-inch) notches on each pencil line.


scrap yarn projects
Tape a piece of yarn to the back. Then, run the yarn across to the adjacent cut. Repeat until the yarn is wrapped around your circle. Tape the ending yarn to the back.


scrap yarn craft project
Run yarn through a tapestry needle and begin weaving it over and under the spokes of the wheel. When you near the end of the yarn, leave it to run behind the spokes. String new yarn through the needle and repeat the process.


Scrap yarn project for a nest
Continue weaving. Stop when your pattern edge is about 2-inches from the point of the cuts of the notches. Cut and tie off. Weave threads into pattern. For the nest, I wove the circle very tightly so that it would form a cup when removed. This picture shows the outside bottom of the nest.


nest from scrap yarn
Here is a picture of the top of the nest. Rather than tightly weave all ends in, I loosely wove some ends in and others I left loose inside the nest to make it fluffy.

Scrap Yarn Project for Kids

The nest project is great for kids too, and here’s another circle weaving project. Leave the yarn on the cardboard. Hang to display.