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Crochet Head Scarves and Knit Head Scarves

On my list of accessories to make for myself or others are crochet head scarves and knit head scarves. I’ve pulled together a sampling of patterns I like. I think you’ll like these patterns too. You’ll see the images and key to the patterns below. crochet head scarves and knit head scarves

Key to Crochet Head Scarves

2. Blue Bandeau – Free Pattern, mesh pattern stitch

5. Vintage Bandana – Free Ravelry download

7. Little Flowers Head Scarf – Craftsy pattern $2.50

Key to Knit Head Scarves

1. Rosie the Riveter Knit Kerchief – Free Ravelry pattern

3. Dutch Girl Headscarf – Craftsy pattern $2.50

4. Figure 8 Head Scarf – Ravelry (Interweave Knits pattern) $5.50

6. Kerchief – Free Vogue pattern – knit scarf, crochet flowers