Six Pretty Granny Heart Square Crochet Patterns

Here’s an idea: make a scarf with more than one granny heart square. Choose a color scheme, crochet the different squares, and then stitch them together. I think you’ll end up with a warm accessory that is fun to wear on Valentine’s Day, or you’ll have the perfect gift to pass along to a sister, mother, or a friend. Heck, it can be a scarf to wear throughout the year!

Here are some granny heart squares for you to consider. You’ll find the key to the patterns below the image.

granny heart square

  1. Angel Heart Granny Square (Ravelry)
  2. Granny Square Heart (Ravelry)
  3. Cheerful Hearts (Ravelry)
  4. 4 Hearts Square
  5. Valentine Hearts for Friends (Ravelry)
  6. Valentine Hearts (Ravelry)

If you would rather crochet heart shapes without the square, you might enjoy reading this post – Crochet Heart Patterns.