Book Meme – 4 Sentences

I’ve always enjoyed book memes. This is a fun one that you might enjoy.

1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (No cheating!)

Here is what I selected: Beeing: Life, Motherhood, and 180,000 Honeybees by Rosanne Daryl Thomas.

This is a fabulous book! I’ve kept it at my desk because I’ve wanted to mention it in a post. I’m fascinated by bees and someday I hope to be a beekeeper.

2. Locate page 123. Find the first 5 sentences. On your blog, post the 4 sentences that follow those five. (You can edit down to 3 sentences if you prefer.)

Here are my 4 sentences:

He beckoned. I followed him down a row of wheelbarrows. “Here. The cart of your dreams.”

That one sentence is packed full of imagery, and there’s a promise in it too. One can imagine the recipient of the cart having many garden and beekeeping adventures.

3. If you like this meme, tag 3 people and ask them to share their books and sentences with you.

I’d like to learn what you’re reading! Post your sentences and books in the Comments section. Share a book meme with me too!

Additionally, I recommend the article Stung by Elizabeth Kolbert, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Sixth Extinction.

Also, take some time to learn what you can do in your garden to help the native bee population. Many garden stores provide plants that attract bees and butterflies. Google search for a list of conservation websites and publications that can advise you further.

Let’s save the bees!

By the way, if bees nest around your home, don’t call an insect extermination company to kill them. There are many beekeepers who can help you move a hive or stimulate bees, without insecticide, to leave a hive. Google search for bee keepers in your local area. Get their advice before taking drastic measures.