Knitted Single Cable Pullover Sweater

Knitted Single Cable Pullover Sweater
© Knit Simple

This is a sneak preview to the knitted single cable pullover sweater that I’m working on. I found the pattern in Knit Simple Magazine, Winter 2012/13. The pattern can also be found on Debbie O’Neill’s Ravelry Designer page.

I love the beautiful simplicity of this design. I can’t wait to finish knitting the pattern.

While I like the pink, I decided to knit my single cable pullover using a sea blue yarn, Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Alpaca Dance. Not only is Alpaca Dance a pretty color, it’s very soft to the touch (acrylic and alpaca blend, aran weight). I knitted several swatches to match gauge. I’m sure you’ve heard or read it a million times, but I must stress the point – don’t start knitting a fitted garment without first knitting a swatch or two to match gauge. This exercise will ensure you get a sweater, dress, hat, shorts, pants, or skirt that fits.

The pattern is piece work, so that means there will be seaming to do after all the pieces have been knitted. Having knit sweaters that are no-sew and seamed, I must say I prefer no-sew patterns, but sometimes you find a pattern like this that you must knit!

knitted single cable sweater

Here is the completed back and the almost completed front. Notice that I’m working the front neck on both sides – 2 separate balls of yarn. When the back and front are sewed together, then I’ll pick up stitches around the neck to knit the ribbed collar. Also notice the dark strand of blue yarn. That’s my lifeline. I inserted it before I began working on the neck. Should I need to pull out work, I’ll end up back at the starting area for the neck. Lifelines are awesome!

no-sew knitsOnce I finish the front, I’ll work on the sleeves, which also have the cable pattern. The sleeves are knitted in the round. I think the trickiest part of the whole pattern will be the seaming. It’s not my favorite knitting task. I procrastinate too when I’m faced with something that I really don’t like doing, but since I want to wear the sweater this year, I’ll get it done! We’re experiencing temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s in the Dallas area, so I have time.

My next sweater project will come from the book No-Sew Knits. Visit the link to see examples of the patterns. I like them all and I don’t know which I’ll knit first, but I’m leaning toward the simple gray cardigan with the navy trim and button placket.

What sweater are you knitting now? Share a link to your work in the comments section.