Crochet ZigZag Blanket Patterns

A crochet zigzag blanket is so cool. My grandmother had a beautiful wool, zigzag blanket of yellows, oranges, and browns that I always admired. Now that I know how to crochet, I must find time to make one. These free crochet zigzag blankets are very pretty. There is a detailed tutorial for the first crochet blanket. That might be the one I start with. If you like one of these patterns, you’ll find the key below the image.

crochet zigzag blanket

  1. Zali Zig-Zag Chevron Crochet Pattern – A great tutorial is available on the website.
  2. ZigZag Baby Blanket – This pattern with eyelets is on Ravelry.
  3. Chevron Blanket – You can find this on Ravelry too.

I may crochet one of these patterns while watching a summer TV series like Mistresses (one of my silly guilty pleasures).