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Plant a Garden in a Wheelbarrow

Hey! Plant a garden in a wheelbarrow! If you’re someone who gardens, I bet you have an old wheelbarrow sitting in the shed or garage. Put it to use. It’s so easy to create a garden to grow edible greens.

Materials required:

  • Drill and drill bit that makes quarter-sized holes
  • Screen (like the kind you put on windows) big enough to fit along the bottom of the wheelbarrow bowl
  • Rocks (gravel-size / dime-size)
  • Garden soil
  • Seeds for greens (e.g., lettuce, spinach, etc)

garden in a wheelbarrowAll materials can be found at your local home improvement store.


  1. Drill holes (drill from the top) into the deep area of the wheelbarrow bowl. Since most water will collect at that end, it’s important to drill the most holes there (spaced out). I drilled 4-5 holes. I only drilled 2 holes (spaced out) in the sloped area of the bowl.
  2. Cut your piece of screen to fit the bottom of the bowl.
  3. Add the gravel. A shallow layer.
  4. Add the garden soil.
  5. Use a stick to create shallow furrows and plant your seeds.
  6. Water.

Keep the soil moist for a few days (don’t over-water though). I used a water jug with a “shower-head” spout to water, and I watered the soil every morning before I went to work. In about 7 days, I saw the first hint of green.

We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so I haven’t had to water, but if I did I would keep the schedule I mentioned above.

I can’t wait to make a salad with fresh greens straight from my wheelbarrow garden.

Oh, you may have noticed the white, plastic pickets. I added those to keep the cats out of the wheelbarrow. I also cover the wheelbarrow with extra screen. Cats love anything box-like – either to sleep in or do their business in. Darn cats!


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