Raglan Cardigan from the Top Down

When you really like a knitting pattern, it’s crazy to knit it once. This is my second time to knit a raglan cardigan from the top down. The first time I knit this pattern was about two years ago. This time, the gauge is better, even though I used the same type of yarn, Lion Brand Wool-Ease. There is a nicer fit under the arms.

This is was a popular pattern on Lion Brand at one time. I’ve seen it knit up as a show piece at Holley’s Yarn Shoppe in Dallas, and Very Pink has a tutorial for making the cardigan.  This sweater can be knit in a rainbow of colors and worn year-round with pretty much anything.

raglan cardigan from the top down

Knit this raglan cardigan easily. Think of all the clothing you can pair it with.

Don’t forget to knit a gauge swatch. It makes all the difference in the world. I did it both times I knitted the sweater, but again, the second time was much better.

This cardigan was knit using size 6 needles for the ribbing and size 7 needles for the body and sleeves. The yarn is a cocoa color of Lion Brand Wool-Ease.