Knit a Ruffle Scarf

You too can knit a ruffle scarf! I quickly knit this scarf to fulfill a birthday request.

There are some stitches which may be difficult for beginners, but I think a beginner can overcome the difficulties by watching a few videos. The scarf is mitered at both ends via short rows. To create short rows, you must wrap and turn both knit and purl stitches. This video on wrap and turn stitches helped me. Once the ends are fully mitered, then you’ll have to know how to pick up the wraps on the knit side and on the purl side. Again, there is a great video demonstrating how to pick up wrap stitches. I found it helpful to add a marker at each wrap; this made it easier for me to identify the stitch later when I needed to pick it up.

knit a ruffled scarf

The pattern, Just Enough Ruffles Scarf, designed by Laura Chau (on Ravelry) also includes knit front and back (kfb) stitches.

I used one skein (251 yards) of Lion Brand Heartland yarn and size 9 needles. The finished scarf is about 2 yards long.

I really like the yarn. It’s soft and it blocks very nicely. I block items made with acrylic yarn; not everyone does.

You can easily knit a ruffle scarf while watching TV one evening. I look forward to knitting this pattern for someone else, it’s just perfect for creating gifts. It will be fun to see how different yarn works up in this pattern.