Free Knitting Patterns for Dog Sweaters – Six Options

I found six free knitting patterns for dog sweaters that I like a lot. I plan to make a sweater for my mother’s dog, Doug. I’m sharing the patterns I discovered. There may be something here that you’d like to knit for your dog.

Key to the free knitting patterns for dog sweaters:
  1. Drops Design Knitted Dog Sweater
  2. I-Matey Dog Coat
  3. Turtle-Neck Dog Sweater
  4. Rainbow Dog Sweater
  5. The Boyfriend Dog Sweater
  6. Dog Hooded Coat

free knitting patterns for dog sweaters

I have never knitted anything for a dog, so this will be an interesting project. Doug has a very wide chest. I think I’ll have to adjust whatever pattern I choose. Also, I’ll need to choose a durable and washable yarn. I like the sweater with the hood. I like the idea of a dog wearing a hoodie. Cats can wear hoodies too.

Don’t you think you should knit a sweater or two for your best friend?