Pink Knitting Projects – In the Pink

The year is almost at a close, and it went by very rapidly in my opinion. The older I get, the faster the years fly by. I thought today I would wish every visitor, those new and those who frequent ImagineMechanix, a Happy New Year! May it be one that has you “in the pink.” In other words, may you be in very good health and in good spirits in 2014. Of course, it always helps to knit! I found some lovely pink knitting projects that you might want to take a closer look at. There may be something above that you’d like to knit up for yourself or someone else.

pink knitting projects


Key to the knitting projects:

a. Orchid Cowl – free pattern on Ravelry
b. Pink Ribbon Washcloth (Breast Cancer Awareness) – free pattern on Ravelry
c. Pink Tulip Patch Blanket – $3.50 pattern on Ravelry
d. Pink Phoenix Shawl – $6.00 pattern on Ravelry
e. Pink Home Slippers – $4.99 pattern on Ravelry
f. Knitted Neckwarmer – Blog and Etsy

I wish everyone the best of health! Oh, and don’t forget to stop by next year.