Sock Yarn Scarf Pattern

I found this sock yarn scarf pattern on Ravelry (skipped the edging instructions), and my final knitted result is a soft, warm triangular scarf that matches my hat, including the pom-poms.

I knitted the hat using matching sock yarn. These accessories look great together.

knitting pattern sock yarn scarf

Hats and scarfs made with sock yarn are very soft. I think it’s more than the yarn fiber that makes the scarf feel cuddly. I also think the tiny size of the stitches (size 2 needles used) have something to do with it. While it may take awhile longer to knit a garment with sock yarn, it is well worth the time and effort. The sock yarn I used: 3 skeins of Premiere Yarns Serenity Sock Weight Prints.

I really like how long, triangular scarves wrap. I like the cowl-like neck and the tapered ends. Think about adding this type of scarf to your collection!