Crochet Masks and Hats for Superheroes

Here are five crochet masks and one hat for those who want to be superheroes or want someone in their family to be a superhero for Halloween. Superheroes are found in literature, comic books/graphic novels, and in the movies. This gear represents heroes familiar to most everyone. You’ll find a key to the crochet patterns below the images.

crochet masks for those who love superheroes

  1. Thor Hat (Ravelry account required)
  2. Tolkien Dwarf or Viking (Ravelry account required)
  3. Batman Mask (two links) Pattern and Revisions/Updates
  4. Baby Ninja Turtle (Ravelry account required)
  5. Mad-Eye Moody Mask
  6. Captain America (Ravelry account required)

Crochet is so versatile. One can “sculpt” just about anything if they know a few crochet stitches and some shaping methods.

You still have time to crochet a mask as part of a Halloween costume. Get started today!