recycling honey bear bottles into crafts

Honey Bear Bottle Crafts – Recycling Craft

After you look at these clever honey bear bottle crafts, you’ll never throw out a honey bear bottle again. The thought of plastic in landfills and floating in our waterways gives me the shivers, that’s why I really like these recycling crafts projects.

I think these are all beary good ideas!

  1. Honey Bear Bottle Bubble Favors – what a great party giveaway. (Site no longer available.)
  2. Gold Leaf Honey Bear Bottles – these are pretty enough to keep for yourself, but wouldn’t they make a nice gift?
  3. Honey Bear Bottle Lamp – it gives off soothing light, perfect for a baby’s room. (Site no longer available.)
  4. Honey Bear Candy Favors – another great party giveaway
  5. Honey Bear Get Well Kit – yes, this isn’t a recycled bear, but I thought it was a good use of a new one. If someone gave this gift to me, I’d perk right up! (Site no longer available.)
  6. Honey Bear Bottle Opener – use the honey bear as a mold to create something practical. Maybe you can use this idea and mold bears for some other purpose. Garden bears?

honey bear bottle crafts - recycling crafts