Free Knitted Bunny Patterns | Knitting Pattern Bunny

It’s the Easter season and that means bunnies, chicks, and lambs. Choose one of these free knitted bunny patterns and knit an Easter rabbit for a child or yourself. I love knitted and crocheted toys. Often it is hard to part with a handmade critter after they are made. A bit of the maker’s heart and soul goes into the animal, wouldn’t you say?

Free Knitted Bunny Patterns

Your guide to the free knitted bunny patterns above:

  1. Big Cuddly Bunny
  2. Bunny Nuggets
  3. Knitted Bunny Pattern (page no longer available)
  4. Bouncy Bunny Sock Critter (on Lion Brand website, you may need to create a login if don’t already have one)
  5. Rabbit
  6. Edmund Bunny (page no longer available)
  7. Knit Bunny (page no longer available)
  8. Very Tiny Bunny and Very Tiny Bunny Clothes
  9. Knitted Rabbits

Here is a bonus link – Tiny Baby Bunnies

Happy Knitting and Easter too!