Crochet Granny Flower Squares

Granny Flower Square – Crochet Flower Granny Squares

I really like to crochet granny squares, and I’ve become particularly interested in the granny flower square motif. There are simple and complex patterns to choose from. In my search for interesting patterns, I found these. You can learn more about each pattern at the links below.

Crochet Granny Flower Squares

  1. Granny Square with a Flower
  2. Crocodile Flower
  3. Eight-pointed Flower
  4. Square #64
  5. African Flower Mandala
  6. Sucrette’s Square Pattern
  7. Starfire
  8. Crown Jewels
  9. Yarn Clouds Square

What is your favorite crochet motif? How do you typically use grannies? Do you work with shapes other than squares? What is your favorite way to join them?

Granny squares can be used to make afghans, scarfs, bags, garments, etc. There are no limits.