How to crochet hearts

Crochet Heart Patterns – How to Crochet Hearts

There’s just a few more days until February 14th, Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t crocheted a heart or two for loved ones, it’s not too late. I’ve discovered several crochet heart patterns that I think are pretty. If you’re a beginner, take this opportunity to learn how to crochet hearts.

The nice thing about crochet, compared to knitting, at least in my experience, is that crochet is a much quicker craft. You should be able to crochet a few hearts in no time.

crochet heart patterns
Here are links to the heart patterns above (you may need a Ravelry account to view a few of the patterns):

  1. Springtime in My Heart
  2. Sunburst Granny Heart
  3. Heart x4
  4. Crochet Valentines
  5. Lacey Little Hearts
  6. Colorful Circle Heart
  7. Hearts
  8. Hearts and Flowers
  9. Hanging Hearts