How to Block Crochet Motifs

If you are going to crochet a garment comprised of squares, circles, or other shapes, you need to know how to block crochet motifs, I advise that you block the motifs before stitching them together. This will ensure the uniformity of the motifs.

how to block crochet motifs

sheet protectorsI created a grid with 1/2-inch squares. Next I printed multiple copies and inserted them into plastic sleeves. I purchased the plastic sleeves at Office Depot. I printed 36 grids (that’s how many motifs I crocheted). The paper grids are reusable if they are placed in the plastic sleeves. Additionally, the sleeves protect your crocheted work from the ink.

I’ve made the grid available for you to download.

Download Blocking Grid

All you’ll need to do is position your motif on the grid, adjust to size, and then pin it (I’ve pinned my motifs on the twin beds in my guest room)! After the motifs are dry, you’re ready to seam them together.

block crochet motifs

Get the pattern for the motif and the shawl.