Crochet Hooks for Harry Potter Fans

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter book and movie series, you might like to crochet a little magic with these wand-like hooks designed by Christine Mackey.

Here is what Christine has to say about them:

As a young muggle, a dear friend bestowed upon me the most magical tool I would ever own – a simple, copper-toned piece of steel that I would hold for countless hours even 18 years later.

Only a short time after that, the wizarding world of Harry Potter stepped into my life and changed me forever. Children with wands and magical creatures as pets?! I’m in! Here I am at 25 years old, still crocheting nearly every day and most certainly still loving Harry Potter. It only seemed right to mash these two passions of mine (and I am sure, many others) together!

The hooks are plastic and coated with acrylic paint, then sealed with a clear coat to keep the hooks nice and smooth so your yarn doesn’t snag. I may not be lucky enough to possess the extra bit of magic that would get me into Hogwarts, but I can say I have created some pretty awesome things with my crochet hooks that make me feel pretty darn magical! I make these wand-inspired hooks so that you can share this feeling, or maybe even gift this feeling to a fellow crafter. If you’re going to spend hours with a crochet hook in your hand, you might as well hold a super cool wand-like one, right?