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Spring Gardening – Make Origami Paper Pots

I love spring. I take pleasure in seeing my garden mature. I also enjoy watching seeds turn to plants. I’m like a kid; I check my little paper pots everyday to see if a seed has sprouted. If ever there were something to be considered a miracle – it is a beautiful plant born from a seed no bigger than a pin’s head.

This year, I started my seeds in origami paper pots. I was inspired by a  very informative video for constructing paper pots for seedlings. The great thing is when the plants have matured enough to endure the elements, I can plant the entire pot. The paper will dissolve. Making these seed pots is a pleasant project to work on while watching TV.

Recycle Paper for Seed Pots
My origami seed pots with plant markers.
Seedlings in origami seed pots
Sprouts are beginning to appear for poppies, money plant, and basil. I anticipate more sprouts for other plants in a few days.

Other good things are already growing in the garden.

The beginning of a rhubarb plant. I have two of these plants underway. I can’t wait for pie! Me oh my!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you planted an onion that sprouted in your refrigerator?

I planted the onion. It will make beautiful ornamental flowers and the leaves can be trimmed and used in salads or recipes calling for green onions. Don’t expect baby onions though!

I grow an abundance of herbs (rosemary, thyme, onion and garlic chives, two varieties of mint, bergamot, etc.). Here is a view of a sage plant. I let it blossom so that the bees can enjoy it. I plant for myself and for the bees which need all the help they can get these days. Purple and blue flowers are most attractive to bees.

Sage is a wonderful herb and it will seed itself in other places in your garden. You’ll be surprised where it will show up.

A garden is incomplete without flowering plants.

I have no idea what this plant is, but it’s in my garden because I liked its little bell-like flowers.
A view of herbs. A butterfly plant rests in the foreground.
Tommy sits at the end of the garden path.
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    Oh isn’t it nice to have the warm weather making a return. I’ve so missed it and have been hard at work getting the garden ready. Are the flower pictures from this year? If so you are so lucky to have all of those blooms already. My flowers are just getting their green and by no means are they ready for flowers yet.