Guilty Pleasures

After ordering a venti iced green tea without sugar and a marshmallow treat at Starbucks, I began to think of my guilty pleasures (these being two). Here’s a list I’ve devised:

  • Medium rare rib-eye steak and a fully loaded baked potato
  • Long, hot bath with a good book
  • High-end bar soap
  • Having the swimming pool all to myself for lap swimming
  • Giovanni Body Butter
  • A glass of port
  • Eggnog with rum/brandy and nutmeg
  • Laying in bed reading, knitting, or watching a movie
  • Time in a bookstore or library
  • Week day afternoon movie at the theater
  • Chocolate covered peanuts
  • Opening all of the windows to circulate cool, fresh air throughout the house
  • Reading the print version of The New York Times
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • High-end yarn – the kind you’d want to be smothered in
  • A jewelry purchase (this is a rare pleasure)
  • Super soft bed sheets and fluffy down pillows
  • Laughing (I don’t get to do that nearly enough)
  • Figuring out a math problem
  • Sleeping (I’m an insomniac)

I could easily come up with a list of pet peeves too, but why spoil things. What are your G-rated guilty pleasures?

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