A Walk in the Park

“A walk in the park” is an idiom frequently used to express that something is easy. For example, “A triple somersault is as easy as a walk in the park.” Here, I’m using the expression literally and figuratively. The easiest part of my day is the walk I take in the park near my home.

It’s during my walk that I listen to an audio book or the news, but most often, I just think. It’s a time to rest my eyes, exercise my legs, and stir my mind. Most mornings, the park is  tranquil. The photo above illustrates one such serene morning. Other mornings, there are people everywhere enjoying little league sports or high school long distance track events. I enjoy the park when it is still and when it is active. My walks here make me feel connected to the planet and the human race.

Most recently, I’ve been listening to the audio version of the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett. The story is poignant and powerful and calls for one to be attentive. Many of you are familiar with the story and know there was nothing easy about the time in which the story takes place (Mississippi in the early 1960s). Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since those turbulent times; however, if we were to measure this period on the scale of time, it is but a heartbeat in the vastness of eternity. We have so much further to go. It has not been “a walk in the park” to remove racial boundaries. We find ourselves taking one step forward and two steps back more often than not. There is no easy button for harmonizing relations between people of different races, religions, and political ideologies.

Yet…if we can rid our psyches of the imaginary lines that separate us from others, it might be possible to speed our progression to acceptance. Ms. Stockett elegantly points out in the last third of her book, that what separates us from others is really imaginary. It’s all in our heads. We’re really all taking part in the same experiment –  the human condition. If only we could all be enlightened by this notion at the same time. What a “walk in the park” life could be.

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  • Madsilence the Younger

    Hi Donna!
    I love taking walks also – as I’m at home doing my job search I like to go for at least a half hour walk after lunch to clear my mind and get the kinks out of my legs! Podcasts are my favorite thing during my walks. I especially like “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!” from NPR and The Sporkful. Have you ever listened to either “RadioLab” or “This American Life”? They also talk about a lot of deeper topics that really get you thinking. Also, I hope you try the bratwurst recipe and tell me how it went! I guess I’ll have to post the delicious German cucumber salad recipe I got too!