Easy Knitted Sock Pattern for Beginners

News Flash: Now there is a free sock pattern on this site – KNIT SOCK PATTERN.

I found the easy knitted sock pattern, including video instructions, at Very Pink (pattern updated by Staci – August 2019). I purchased the pattern (well worth it) and watched the videos, and now I completely understand how to construct socks. I never thought I could be excited about sock knitting, but I am.  It’s all because Staci is such a good teacher!

Here is my first completed pair, which I plan to give to my mother for her birthday. I also plan to give her a Rice Heat Therapy Bag and Sugar Scrub.

Beginner's Knitting Pattern for Socks

I used worsted weight wool as Staci suggested, in this case, I used Patons Classic Wool – Aquarium (color 77201).

DIY Sock Blocker for Knitted Socks

After I finished knitting the socks, I created homemade sock blockers, as the blockers I had were too large. I traced the edge of the plastic blockers onto 1/8″ thick cardboard; then I cut 1/4″ away from the traced line to create the smaller size. When creating the blockers, I thought they could do double duty and make nice packaging. Notice the ankle area of the cardboard blockers. I extended one end so that I could use a hole punch in that top corner.

DIY Sock Blocker Doubles as Gift Packaging

The hole provides a nice place to run ribbon.

Using Sock Blockers as part of packaging knitted socks as a gift

Look how cool! Nice packaging makes a gift even more special. I created the tags, especially for this project. I’ve made them available for you to download.

Click on the image to download the tags.

Free Downloadable Gift Tags


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