How to Create a Picture Hanger with a Drawer Pull

I have to begin by thanking a helpful handyman at Home Depot. I explained what I wanted to do and he led me to all the right parts for this project. Just below is the finished project. Read further to get instructions for creating picture hangers with drawer pulls, and then use pretty ribbon to hang your pictures from the knobs / pulls.

Drawer pull picture hangerMaterials required:

  • Supplies needed for creating a picture hanger with drawer knobsDrawer pull/s – get the number you require for your project. I selected Liberty 1-1/4″ acrylic faceted pulls because they remind me of vintage glass pulls seen on antique bureaus.
  • Wood hanger bolts (8-32 x 1″). Notice from the picture below that one end is flat for screwing into the knob. The other end is pointed for screwing into the drywall anchor. Again, you’ll need the same number of hanger bolts as you have knobs.
  • Self-drilling drywall anchors. I’m going to repeat – self-drilling! These anchors are fabulous. You won’t have to pull out the drill to prepare a hole for insertion. These anchors will hold 50lbs. I didn’t really need them for my project, but I hate stuff coming loose from drywall. What a hassle and ugliness that can be. The helpful Home Depot handyman opened the anchors and tested a hanger bolt in one just to be sure of the right fit. He also tested the fit of the hanger bolt in the drawer pull. You may want to request the same! You’ll need the same number of anchors as you have hanger bolts and drawer pulls.

Drawer knob with hanger bolt inserted

Step One: Screw the flat end of the hanger bolt into the knob.

Step Two: Screw drywall anchor into wall. Be sure you’ve figured out exactly how you want your picture placed on the wall before you insert the anchor.

Step Three: Screw drawer pull into the anchor. Screw until the knob is flush with the wall and the anchor is hidden.

Drywall anchor, self-drilled, in wall

Step Four: Use pretty silk ribbon to hang your picture/s from the drawer pull/s.