Sock Yarn Hat – Knit a Hat from Sock Yarn

sock yarn hatI picked up the sock yarn hat pattern at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. It was a freebie sitting in front of the Sensations Soles & More sock yarn.

Download the pattern. See my notes below for adjustments.

I had sock yarn in my stash, Deborah Norville Collection: Serenity to be exact and I decided to use it. This hat is made with one skein of Thyme DN104-01. I used number 2 needles (circular and double-pointed). I altered the pattern for the decreases at the top. The pattern suggested a knit row between every decrease row. I did that only halfway through the reduction process. Additionally, I changed up the pattern on the ear flaps. After 4 rows of seed stitch, I moved to straight knit stitch for the decrease rows.

I made a triangle-shaped scarf to match the hat. I can wear them together or separately. What I really like about the hat is that it is so lightweight I can fold it and put it in my coat pocket.


  • Jeanette

    I recently gave away a pair of socks that I knitted from leftover sock yarn…They are very colorful to say the least and now she wants a chemo hat from the same weight. Is there a possibility that you would download your pattern….Actually, it would make a nice set to give to people getting chemo therapy. I started making socks for people going through chemotherapy due to my daughter, Sarah, being diagnoses with breast cancer. She is a 2 yr survivor. I started making her crazy socks from my different stashes and have not stopped. Now, from word of mouth, they are mailed to people everywhere with no exchange of money…It kept me sane when my daughter told us of the diagnoses…by the way, it was discovered on her First mammagram. I digress.

    If you could/would send pattern, it would be greatly appreciated. OR tell me how much you would charge. Thank you,

    Hoping to hear from you,

    • dmari3Mart

      I’ve attached the pattern in an email to you. You might want to read my tips on the blog post because I did make adjustments to the pattern to make the hat fit better.

      I hope your daughter continues in recovery! My grandmother and mother both had breast cancer and lived long and healthy lives after surgery and other treatment.

  • Kathryn Zerbe

    I NEED this pattern —-please, please, please. I have been asked to knit an earflap hat from the same sockyarn that I use to knit my fingerless mitts. I am undergoing the usual Christmas crunch, all the patterns I am finding are for worsted weight yarn and don’t have time to invent a pattern….yikes! The closest Joann is two-hours away, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have that tear-off pattern available anymore 🙁

    I would be eternally grateful to you. Kathryn

    • dmariemart

      Hi Kathryn,

      I’m glad to be of assistance.

      I’ll scan the pattern tonight and send it to you. I’ll also post it to the site. Be sure to try the hat on as you are knitting; I found the original pattern to be knitting up very large so I had to adjust my decreases and I began them early.

      I’m really pleased with my hat. I have enough yarn to make a scarf, which I’ll get to eventually.