Knitting a Luxurious Spiral Scarf

spiral scarfMy mother will get this soft spiral scarf of Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair (Coral Reef #510-207) for Christmas.

You can find the free knitting pattern for this spiral scarf on Ravelry.

The pattern actually calls for two yarns, the less expensive Homespun and the more costly Moonlight Mohair. I purchased the Moonlight Mohair at the end of the holiday season last year. If you really like this yarn, wait until after the new year to pick it up. You’ll likely find it on sale at your local crafts store.

I used only Moonlight Mohair, which is a very beautiful yarn. Unfortunately, pictures don’t adequately capture fiber color, texture, and quality.

One Comment

  • Betz

    This is a beautiful scarf. I am wondering if yu used both the homespun and the moonlight mohair or did you just use the moonlight mohair? Thanks, Betz