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Introducing Tommy – Cat Blogging Friday

Tommy the Tom CatI smelled Tommy before I ever set eyes on him. He found the cat door and invited himself in. At the time of his arrival, he had not been neutered; he left his scent behind to annoy my five cats and me. I spent several hours cleaning walls, furniture, and rugs. There after I watched for him. Though he was a bit skittish, he was also very affectionate. It was obvious that he had belonged to someone at some time. I believe he was abandoned, maybe even purposely at my house. He made it apparent that he wasn’t going to go elsewhere, so I quickly had him neutered and immunized. He was a real rascal at the vet. I think they were greatly relieved when I picked him up. It took awhile for my other cats to get used to him. Golly and Archie (my boyz) still think Tommy is a pain in the ass, but they’re getting better at ignoring him. Tommy is such a lover. He’ll give me a full body slam and bump his head against mine until I have to push him away. I don’t understand how anyone could have parted with him.

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