Felted Crochet Amigurumi Ghost

Amigurumi GhostI love Halloween, and I’ve long wanted a haunted tree to decorate with Halloween ornaments. Being resourceful, I created my own haunted tree with a Halloween bucket, black spray paint, a dead branch found in my back yard, a cube of green florist Styrofoam, and black glitter. After creating the tree, I wanted something to hang on it; therefore, I’ve begun creating my own little spooky decorations, beginning with an amigurumi ghost.

This first ornament (I’ll show you others as I create them.) is made from crocheting and then felting Patons Classic Wool. He’s one of a kind. I had a mental image of what I wanted to create and single-crocheted my way there. If I were to do this project again, I’d aim for a different shape so that each ghost would be unique. The thing I love about crochet is that it allows one to sculpt fiber.

I noticed when I turned him upside down he looked like the top of a Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream. All that’s needed for another amigurumi is a felted waffle cone.

Next, I think I’ll crochet a witch hat or two.