Knitting Shawl for Beginners – Easy Pattern

I’m so happy to have completed this shawl for beginners, and I’m quite pleased with how the it turned out. I found the pattern in Knitbook: The Basics & Beyond (page 117-118). I highly recommend the book for beginning knitters.

This shawl is very easy to knit. It’s made with only knit and purl stitches. The book also shows how to do interwoven knotting, which you’ll see illustrated in the picture – it’s the fringe that appears at both ends of the shawl.

If you’re a more advanced knitter, you’ll like knitting this up while you’re watching TV. It does not require a lot of thought and the results are satisfying.

I used Classic Elite – Premiere – Color #5222, Lot# 0912. The yarn is semi-shiny and very soft (50% Tencel and 50% Cotton) and it comes in a variety of colors.

This is a Christmas gift for my son’s girlfriend. I know she’ll love it.

Knitting Shawl for Beginners

knitting shawl for beginners
This shawl is perfect to wear with summer dresses.


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