Crafts – Create a Posy Brooch

A few years ago, my sister-in-law created similar brooches as gifts for the ladies in the family. The two posies I selected from her stash have since frayed at the edges. I wore them out. Since, I loved wearing them so much, because they brightened up my casual jackets, I’ve decided to create a new collection. It’s so easy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • silk flowers – what can you recycle from old bouquets? You can also purchase something new.
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • jewelry pin backs
  • really good scissors to cut through plastic and in some cases wire

In no time at all you’ll have something great to wear.

Make a statement with a pretty silk flower brooch!
Make a statement with a pretty silk flower brooch!

(1) Remove the flower from the stem. In some cases, you can just slip it off of the stem. In other cases, you might have to cut it off. The flower should remain together after removing it from the stem (if manufactured correctly).

(2) Remove a set of leaves from the stem. Clip each leaf away from the plastic stem. Turn the flower over.

(3) Glue the leaves to the back of the flower. Make sure you have the right side facing forward. Also, you want the leaves to poke out from the edge a little. You want to see them when you turn the flower over.

Turn a silk flower into a brooch.
Step 2
Make a brooch from a silk flower.
Step 3
A pretty posy brooch dresses up a jacket.
A pretty posy brooch dresses up a jacket.

(4) Glue the pin back to the flower. Pay attention to how the pin notch works – you’ll want to position the pin correctly so that it’s easy to pin your brooch onto a jacket, purse, shirt, dress, etc.

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