Recycle Bath Scrubbies and Puffs – Knitting Something Fresh

Recycle Bath ScrubbiesRecycle bath scrubbies and puffs. It’s good for the earth and the finished project gives you something new to scrub the tub and bathroom sinks with.

For this project I used two scrubbies/puffs, sanitized them with bleach, and then I knitted them together. Here are instructions for you to do the same.


  • Take apart your scrubbies/puffs
  • Place them in a lingerie bag and wash them in the machine with detergent and a little bleach to sanitize them.
  • Remove from washer and hang to dry.

Knit New Scrubbie/Puff:

  • Tools: Size 15 knitting needles and scissors
  • Cast on 10 stitches
  • Knit every row
  • Add second scrubbie/puff fiber as you would add a new color of yarn to a scarf
  • Continue knitting
  • Bind off

You can also crochet a new scrubbie/puff.

The size of this finished scrubbie/puff is 5.5 x4 inches.

I can think of lots of other uses too. Be creative and happy recycling!


  • madsilence

    Having only recently discovered the joy of bath scrubbies & puffs I haven’t thought ahead to recycling them, although I have commented on the seemingly indestructible nature of these bath accessories. Glad to learn they are sanitized before recycling.

    But can you repurpose them into crochet art? 🙂

    MadSilence to&w