Record Snowfall in DFW area

About 30 minutes ago on News 8, it was reported that we had an average of 7.3 inches of snow in Dallas-Fort Worth, and it’s still snowing. This snowfall is a record for February, but we’re near reaching an all-time record for snow at any time. I had a snow day today. I expect I’ll have another tomorrow; the roads will be frozen. Temperatures are expected to drop in the 20’s tonight. You do not want to drive on ice in Texas!

Here are some cell phone pictures taken by my son late this afternoon.

snow in the neighborhood
This is my snowy lawn.
snowy streets
The neighborhood pool gets a dusting of snow.
snow at Warren Park
Virgin snow covers the neighborhood park.

5 thoughts on “Record Snowfall in DFW area”

  1. So I saw your post above this and thought “man that looks like Texas!” with all the pictures of the snow and then I saw this and YOU LIVE IN MY AREA! I’ve never read a blog from a person in the DFW area 😀

  2. In Texas, we don’t even know which end of a snow shovel to hold. It’s great fun to see parents and kids out playing in the stuff. It makes me happy to see others enjoying it!

  3. Seems like there’s lots of snow everywhere, except where it’s raining… we got about 16 inches of snow in PA. Of course, we’re a lot more used to it than folks in Texas!

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