Happy Birthday Card Design Begins on Canvas

This Happy Birthday Card Design was created for my niece’s 14th birthday. The original art is on 8×10 canvas. A digital picture was taken to create the card. I gave my niece the canvas and the card.

Happy Birthday Card Design

Birthday Card Media:

I used a mixture of media, including tissue paper, acrylics, gold paint marker, stamp with gold ink, vintage images, and water-based varnish. I did not frame the canvas. I glued a colorful ribbon, that matched the colors used in the design, around the edge of the canvas. I provided a tabletop easel as part of the gift.

I have another 8×10 canvas started in similar fashion with tissue paper. I have yet to complete it.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Card Design Begins on Canvas”

  1. What a great card! It was my birthday yesterday and all I got were shop bought cards….the one from my mother was hilarious but still…

    Anyway…Insanity-Suits-Me (Dawn) over at Twisted Sister tagged me with the Ten Random Facts About Me meme.

    Never been tagged – in a virtual sense at least – so I thought I’d pass it on to you!

    Have a look in my corner of the web marquee to read more and have a good weekend (I hope inspiration pours from every situation!).

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