Swearing is an Art and often an Achievement!


I really do appreciate what Stephen Fry has to say about swearing in this video, as I’m quite fond of throwing down the swear words. It can be an art actually, and often no others words will do when you’re pissed or hurt. I only wish I were as adept at vulgar verbalization as my dear brother, Vic.

Did you know that one of America’s most talented authors, Stephen Crane, was gifted when in came to cursing? His friends delighted in his competence. Crane appreciated swearing as “performance on a purely linguistic level.” He enjoyed expletitives enough to even go so far as compiling a swearing dictionary. This just proves what Stephen Fry says in the video; it isn’t the intellectually challenged who are governors of profanity, it’s the erudite who are the foremost masters.

3 thoughts on “Swearing is an Art and often an Achievement!”

  1. “I was shocked to see that cushion there. It really wasn’t necessary!”

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this.

    I’m rather fond of swearing myself. I can now take it as affirmation that I have a kick-ass vocabulary!

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