Verse and Rhyme

Found Poem – It’s Easy to Create Your Own

Create a Found Poem by turning the mundane into something interesting. Re-frame words, phrases, and whole passages found on a page of a book. Loving books as I do, I’d suggest you choose a book found on shelves at a thrift store. If someone didn’t love a book enough to keep it, it’s likely a good one to use for this project. Be creative. You don’t have to block out text like I did. Find a unique way to highlight the text you want as part of your Found Poem.

Found Poem
Versifying the Vanilla

This found poem reads as follows:

I am talking about
chains          of gold
chains all the same
interrupted          comfort and calm
to lose          us
not seeing          without any sense
this is almost incomprehensible
this fabric
It’s so difficult
a need of you.

The Shack, ISBN: 978-0-9647292-3-0
Publisher: Windblown Media; 1st edition (July 1, 2008)
Page 124