Gardening – First Summer Harvest

Ripe cherry tomato
The first ripe cherry tomato in my garden.

Yesterday, I picked the first ripe cherry tomato of the season. Today, I’ll pick the other shown here on the vine. I love gardening. It’s really rewarding gathering vegetables from one’s yard, rather than from the produce section at the grocery store.

Soon, I’ll be harvesting Big Boy tomatoes. I can’t wait! I like sliced tomato with just salt and pepper. MmMm good!

Juicy Big Boy Tomatoes
Coming Soon: Juicy Big Boy Tomatoes





I have peppers, rhubarb, and various herbs growing. I’m most excited about the things I started from seed this year. I’ve never been too successful with planting seeds. I usually buy small plants to populate the garden, but this year I have grown from seed: morning glories, basil, cilantro, columbine, and some sort of flower that arose from a seed pod I gathered on a walk.

All of the cats kept me company while I was outside. In this photo, Archie and Stoopy show their appreciation for each other.

two cats in the garden
No garden is complete without a cat or two.

While I was taking their picture, I noticed the world between the rocks on which they sit. There I saw a whole other universe. Fascinating.

Here lies another universe.
Here lies another universe.

The very tiny shells are amazing. I imagine these are the shed exteriors of the creatures nibbling at the leaves of my peppers. Scoundrels. They obviously don’t know who they are up against. They need to inform themselves by reading this post. Also, I thought peppers were immune to insects. What’s up with that? Clearly, I’ve been misinformed.

Well enough of this blogging…I want to go enjoy the rest of this very lovely day outside. I may take a swim.

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