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Beginning Crochet Projects – Including Amigurumi

Crochet washcloths and scrubber
Crochet washcloths and scrubber

I recently became interested in crochet when I discovered Amigurumi – cute little crocheted cuddlies. I wanted to make them; however, I needed to learn how to crochet first. For my first project I made single crochet washcloths. I determined the size I wanted and single crocheted every stitch. I then graduated to the little scrubber, also seen in the picture. You can find the pattern for it here. Mine is just a little different from the pattern. The great thing about crochet is it allows you to easily improvise.

Basic Amigurumi Cat
Basic Amigurumi Cat

After mastering the basics, I moved onto my first Amigurumi, Vanna’s Choice® Amigurumi Cat. I think he’s just darling. Best of all, he stands on his own. His short little tail holds him up.

After completing the Amigurumi cat, I made a small purse (finished size is approximately 6″ x 7″) which is just big enough to hold a passport, ticket, boarding pass, and other air travel necessities. The basic pattern comes from the book, Single Crochet for Beginners (packed full of beginning crochet projects); however, just like the scrubber I modified the pattern. I highly recommend this book by Cindy Crandall-Frazier for beginners! Most Amigurumi are made with only single crochet stitches. If you’re interested in creating a menagerie of crocheted creatures, master this one stitch.

Crochet purse
The back of the purse is crocheted with a different color.

Currently, I’m working on a head scarf and when I complete it, I’ll move onto making another Amigurumi. Lion Brand Yarn has a lot of great patterns for these adorable stuffed critters. Since I’m a crazy cat lady, I think I’ll make this cute, felted Siamese cat.

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3 thoughts on “Beginning Crochet Projects – Including Amigurumi”

  1. Very nice beginner projects! Your tension looks good 🙂 If you ever have any questions, let me know..I’ve been crocheting for 24 years.

  2. Wow excellent first crochet projects. I have just started to crochet too. It really is addictive. The amigurumi characters are so sweet.

  3. Those are great! Now for a new spin for the crazy cat people, add a little cat nip for a great cat toy! As you are stuffing the piece, add catnip with the stuffing. Works great and your cat’s will love it! It will become their “baby”.

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